View on Art

View on Art - The view on art on the Internet.
A modern space, ready for artistic sensations and online meetings with artists.

View on Art

View on Art - The view on art on the Internet.
A modern space, ready for artistic sensations and online meetings with artists.

—————The internationally recognized artist.  His early fascination with Leonardo da Vinci work turned into long lasting passion. Studying secrets of Leonardo work he became an epigone of Renaissance technics adapting them into his work. Yanusz speaks in Polish, Russian, Italian, English and some Japanese

————— The artist calls his present work a decorative painting, because his paintings are full of sensuality and colors.asmin’s work also involves framing pictures, restoring, maintaining and cleaning them. His studio is located in the Mokotów district of Warsaw.
Jasmin speaks in Polish and Serbian

—————The art lover, author of synthetic compositions bordering on abstraction. With a few lines, when portraying people from her entourage, she draws just the outlines of their figures. Besides paintings, she procures the boldest creations knitted of silk, cashmere, and angora.
Taisa speaks in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English

Viktor R
Viktor Radziszewski
The Master of expression


—————Viktor avoids the photo effect, strives to use light and shadow efficiently, to tell a story and express emotions. His favorite technique is pencil portraits on paper. The skillful hand of the painter reveals the most mysterious details of the protagonists of his paintings.
Viktor speaks in Polish, Ukrainian and English.


Artworks, even though digitalised, can impress no less than in the traditional form of perception.

vr gallery

New models of the culture’s functioning are a challenge, but also a chance for the future.

Purchase Arts

How to buy paintings?

It is possible to purchase the paintings presented at the View on Art Exhibitions.

You can directly contact the Artist by WhatsApp:
via live chat or video link and we will discuss details.
You can also contact to the Organizer (by Qe NIP 825 169 32 23, Regon 015526584) –
we will guide you through all transaction process.

Personal pickup of paintings in Poland, personal delivery or proper insured shipment available upon request.

Each painting has a certificate of authenticity!

The choice of the frame can be consulted with the Artist.
The appropriate setting of the picture, fitted into the interior of the Buyer space, is a key element of satisfaction with having a work of art.


If you would you like to receive the catalogue with full size quality of paintings and costs,
contact us at:

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The Artist’s

New meeting place 

————— The Artist’s Room is a place where you will get to know the author and his/her artworks. This is a source of  information about the paintings, techniques and other works worth your attention, and also their availability. You can contact the Artist directly through a live chat or video wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You can ask to buy the painting and agree on all the details.