“Tak widzę świat dotykając węgla”



————– Taisa Katrynets-Olko is an art lover, author of synthetic compositions bordering on abstraction.
With a few lines, when portraying people from her entourage, she draws just the outlines of their figures, in this simple form reflecting their features and emotions.
Besides paintings, she procures the boldest creations knitted of silk, cashmere, and angora.

Taisa Katrynets-Olko comes from Ukraine, but Poland has become her home. She has been living, working, and creating in Warsaw for 16 years. She was interested in art since childhood – she dreamed of the Moscow School of Painting. Her creativity and artistic fascination were growing nurtured by her two grandmothers. One painted and embroidered complex forms, the other sewed original creations of her design. Under their inspiration Taisa began to draw, bringing her sketches to a new, original formula – her own.

Taisa – a contemporary designer is very aware of her work. The creative process has always been exciting for her. She has two passions: painting and handicrafts.
She designs her knitting works, chooses colors, and comes up with weaves. She often draws ideas from nature – flowers, tree leaves, fruit shapes. Knitting a fabric takes many hours of tedious work and focus. Complex stitches are like a puzzle to the head and fingers. Simple ones relax the mind and body. Her handmade projects have already hit theaters (e.g. Roma in Warsaw) and the private market in Poland and around the world.

More crafts: Instagram – taisa_design_official




On The Edge Of Abstraction

————— The creative process is Taisa’s companion giving her peace, self-realization opportunities, and tangible deliverables. The Artist’s approach to creativity is not conventional. Her paintings are not distracting, they are minimalist, fresh, and unique – just a few strokes. The Artist does not care for the communication technique but the right characters or situations, very often inspired with pictures from her own life.

Her painting A Kiss was auctioned off in the leading auction house in Poland, Desa, in 2016. Other paintings were displayed in Kawałyksztuki Gallery on Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw, now available online.

The Artist sketches her paintings with charcoal on a canvas sized according to the future buyer preferences. The final painting may be delivered on a stretcher or, optionally, subject to special consultation and order, in a custom-made frame.

Paintings for purchase are available

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