Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Woman at the Piano Art Gallery
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Woman at the Piano / 1875-76
Welcome in 2020

Art in the time
of the pandemic

————— Investing in artworks is a delicate art, but it is always a good investment, impervious to crises. While the art itself is in good shape, meeting it is not at its finest.

Thus far, the market characterised with a high directness of exhibitions, meetings and purchases. The year 2020 changed a great deal, speeding up the development of the art market in the online world and its digitalisation. This is something from which both artists, as well as art collectors and investors, can benefit.

Exhibitors are more and more eager to enable accessibility to art enthusiasts not only in a traditional form but also online. The number of artworks purchased online is continually growing and expected to increase over the next five years, as confirmed by an independent report.

Numerous art fairs cancelled this year because of the pandemic have mainly shifted into the Internet by now. They have pointed the direction, paved the way to new digital channels for artistic creation and its viewers. Exhibitions have been moved to various applications. It has been proved that sales via the Internet are possible, and what’s more – progress rapidly. This trend was in an infant stage but now has accelerated considerably and is growing dynamically.

In the time of the pandemic, the online art market is genuinely expanding, but also the VR market has soared. According to estimates, the growth will come to 13% annually for VR and 20% for AR/MR. Those solutions are applied by other industries. It seems we can hardly get away from this technology; we can only move forward, so why shouldn’t we shift our exhibitions into VR galleries?



New models of the culture’s functioning are a challenge, but also a chance for the future.

New lifestyle

View on Art

————— Communing with arts is a lifestyle, very much limited lately. The project arose from a spur-of-the-moment need, inspired by the new circumstances that enforced a change of habits. The pandemic and the global distancing locked us at homes, closed galleries and called off many events, yet – as is often the case – forced us to look for solutions and unlocked new possibilities.

On the Internet distance does not pose a threat to an event; instead, it confronts the existing situation. Our exhibitions are no longer limited by venue, time or the current conditions – but simply access to the Internet. Our VR Art Galleries & Online Exhibitions creates a modern space, ready for artistic sensations and online meetings.

Artworks, even though digitalised, can impress no less than in the traditional form of perception.

Art Gallery

VR in the arts  

————— Enter a 3D gallery to view an exhibition of the presented works. Explore the painting and its history – a history that amazes, highlights character and stirs emotions. Zoom in on the image, return to the exhibition at any moment; it’s a comfort you will undoubtedly appreciate. With the use of goggles, you can also view the display in VR technology. At the end of the gallery, you will find a door – open it.

The Artist’s

New meeting place 

————— Go to the Artist’s Room. It is a place where you will get to know the author and his/her artworks. You will get information about the paintings, techniques and other works worth your attention, and also their availability. You can contact the Artist directly through a live chat or video wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You can request to buy the painting and agree on all the details. 

View on Art combines prestige, reliability and trust.

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