————— Taisa Katrynets-Olko is an art lover, author of synthetic compositions bordering on abstraction. With a few lines, when portraying people from her entourage, she draws just the outlines of their figures, in this simple form reflecting their features and emotions. Besides paintings, she procures the boldest creations knitted of silk, cashmere, and angora.

————— Jasmin Šoljanin calls his present work a decorative painting, because his paintings are full of sensuality and colors. Jasmin’s work also involves framing pictures, restoring, maintaining and cleaning them. His studio is located in the Mokotów district of Warsaw.

————— Yanusz is an Artist, but also available for painting commissions, murals , leather/fabric hand painted garments and as an art consultant for any visual solution: interiors, commercial and personal logos, antique restorations, fashion designs, color consultant. 30 years of international experience – Yanusz speak in Polish, Russian, Italian, English and some Japanese.

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